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Ahmed Hmeedat is a Palestinian artist who currently lives and works in Bethlehem, Palestine. Ahmed was born and raised in Dhiesheh Refugee Camp outside the city of Bethlehem. His life in refugee camps for two decades has shaped his worldview and has fed the two dominating disciplines of his life: Art, and Law. He received an LL.M. (a Master Degree in American Legal System) from Syracuse University College of Law and a Bachelor's Degree in Law and Liberal Arts From Al-Quds/Bard College in Jerusalem, Palestine. He is currently an artist in residence at the Museum of the Palestinian People in Washington, D.C. He attended art courses at The Art League School in Alexandria, Virginia. Additionally, he received art course certificates from the Museum Of Modern Art in New York City, and The Staedel Museum in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Ahmed's work stems from the everyday life he lives in Occupied Palestine. As a scholar, his Palestinian background forms an integral part of his work, which seeks to depict the current political Palestinian landscape under the Israeli War.

In his portrait-murals, Ahmed commemorates many Palestinian figures across several spectrums and genres of struggle. He is also a human figurative artist, focusing on artistic anatomy and figurative sculpture.

When asked about his inspiration, Ahmed explains: "For me, everything boils down to power and that is what makes it all political.  The interim political reality of Palestine has urged me to devote my work for the sake of my country and its liberation from military, intelligent, and economic colonization.